The great danger of chip shortage: Fake chips

According to experts, counterfeit chips that will be released will pose a great danger due to the chip shortage, which is expected to continue until 2022.

According to most experts, the global microcircuit shortage will continue until 2022, and this crisis has deprived many industries, especially automobiles, of billions of dollars in revenue.

According to experts , chip shortages will cause brands to order from suppliers that cannot pass quality checks , and counterfeit chips similar to the originals will appear, which could pose a major security threat .

Diganta Das , a pseudoelectronics researcher at the Center for Advanced Lifecycle Engineering (CALCE) , says on this critical issue: ” If you have to get 5,000 parts next week or your production line stops working, you’ll find yourself in a forced purchase situation and lower your standards. Vendor review or you won’t comply with your testing procedures, and that could be a big problem. “

Companies will not care about quality standards

As cybercriminals are more active than ever, the biggest threat posed by counterfeit chips, alongside lack of performance and potential overheating , is cybersecurity . These vulnerabilities can be used not only to steal data , but also to hack smart homes and cars that can endanger people’s lives .

Michael Pecht , professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Maryland and founder of CALCE , has no doubt that, given the current shortage, some businesses will buy counterfeit chips next year :

” I don’t think anyone in the industry has thought about that. I think companies are no longer considering the issue of counterfeiting, but simply complying with the program. As well as security-related businesses, the medical and military industries in particular will be affected. “

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