The gameplay video of Six Days in Fallujah, a Call of Duty-like game about the war in Iraq, was shared.

Previously canceled II. A new gameplay video from Six Days in Fallujah, the war game about the Battle of Fallujah, was shared. You can find the details in our news.

A new gameplay video of Six Days in Fallujah, which has a first-person perspective, was published by Victura and developed by Highwire Games.

The game would normally be published by Konami, but as a result of the reaction from anti-war groups and war veterans following criticism of the game, Konami canceled the game. The game was announced again by Victura in recent months.

When we look at the published video, we can easily see that it is similar to Call of Duty. According to the video, we can say that it has a tactical side and it feels a bit more like a simulation than Call of Duty. The map of the game is recreated every time, so you will never know where to come from.

The game took place in Iraq in 2004, II. It is about the Battle of Fallujah. It was stated that the studio interviewed many soldiers in order to tell the events in the most realistic way. The game especially affects psychologically and is ambitious about making the war atmosphere feel very good.

The game will be released for consoles and PC later this year. Which consoles are not disclosed. You can find the gameplay video mentioned below.

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