The first trailer of the 4th season of Netflix’s popular anime Castlevania shared

The first trailer for the fourth and final season of the popular Netflix anime Castlevania, which is an adaptation of the game of the same name, was shared recently.

With the first season published, the first trailer of the new season of the successful Netflix anime Castlevania , which pleased both the gamers and the general audience, was shared.

When we look at the first trailer that was released, we can definitely see that things got a little out of control in the last season. Especially the action scenes seem to be more than the previous seasons. Although the first three seasons of the series were successful in terms of action, we could not watch intense action scenes until the last episodes . If the trailer does not mislead us, it seems that this time we will watch an action spread over all episodes .

Season 4 will be the last season of the series . Castlevania’s fourth season will air on Netflix on May 13, and the season will consist of 10 episodes .

The  future of a new series set in the same universe after Castlevania’s finale  was also announced in the past weeks. Although the details have not been disclosed yet,  it has been said that there will  only be brand new characters  . You can find the aforementioned trailer below.

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