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The Exynos processor that Samsung will use in its new smartwatches has appeared

Galaxy Watch 4 series, which is the first smartwatch to work on the new WEAR platform developed by Samsung and Google, comes with the Exynos W920, which offers a high-performance increase compared to the previous generation.

The Exynos 9110 processor, which Samsung introduced with the Galaxy Watch in 2018, has not been updated for a long time. The processor used in the Galaxy Watch, Watch Active, Watch Active 2, and Watch 3 shows that it’s getting old. The old processor, which causes mild freezes, performance problems, and long load times, is finally being updated. The new processor will be used for the first time in the Galaxy Watch 4 series, which runs on the updated Wear OS platform developed by Google and Samsung.

8.8x higher graphics performance

Samsung’s next-generation processor is known as Exynos W920. The processor comes with 1.5GB RAM and 1.25 times higher processing power than the previous generation, 8.8 times the higher graphics performance. While not a huge boost by the processor, 8.8 times the graphics performance and 1.5GB of RAM will give a huge performance boost. The WEAR operating system is expected to run about 30% smoother than Tizen. With both software and hardware updates, the Watch 4 series will offer very smooth performance.

Offering major changes in terms of design, hardware, and software, the Watch 4 series will come with the OneUI interface built on Wear OS. Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Active in August; It is expected to be introduced together with the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Z Flip 3, and Galaxy S21 FE.

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