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The European Union will tax even if a needle comes from abroad

With the new regulation, the European Union decided to impose taxes on products ordered from abroad, regardless of pricing. The decision will take effect from 1 July.

For a while in our country, shopping from Chinese electronic commerce sites was incredibly popular. The Chinese shopping corridor, which some have even turned into a profession, has decreased to very low levels with the effect of the pandemic and after the government imposed taxes on packages coming from abroad, regardless of price. 

In the same vein, the European Union

In fact, a tax was applied on a certain price before, but the reasons such as showing low prices on incoming packages or giving it as a gift caused abuse. Afterwards, the state started to impose taxation on all packages. 

Now, the European Union is starting to apply taxes to packages coming from abroad, regardless of price. Previously, no tax was applied under 22 Euros, but this was abused. 

Of course, there are reactions to the new tax regulation. Some think the Union is doing this to collect more taxes. There are also those who say that domestic companies are negatively affected by very low Chinese products. Others believe it is a step to reduce the influence of Chinese goods on the continent, which are accused of genocide against the Uighurs. 

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