The energy efficiency of the M1 chip surprised even the Apple executive


A senior Apple executive said that the M1 chip, which stands out with its high performance and energy efficiency, surprised even them.

The Apple M1 chip , which attracts attention with its high energy efficiency and high performance , apparently caused surprise within the company. Because, an Apple executive thought that the test device’s battery indicator was broken in the tests during the development phase of the M1 chip, due to low battery consumption.

MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptop models with the M1 chip previously attracted the attention of many people with their long battery life. But the long battery life, which increased exponentially during the development of the M1 chip, even made employees think that the battery indicator was broken.

“When we saw the first test system and there was no drop in battery for a long time, we thought it was an error in the battery gauge,” Apple vice president of marketing Bob Borchers said in an interview. Upon these words, Tim Milet, vice president of platform architecture at Apple, said that the result should be like this and that it is extraordinary.

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