The design of notifications will change on Android 12

In the third developer preview version of Android 12, it was revealed that the notification design was overhauled and minor changes were made.

Almost every Android version has some improvements to notifications , even if it’s not a full-fledged change . Therefore, the situation continued in the latest Android 12 DP3 update.

The location of the number of notifications is changing

The redesign of notification cards does not involve any major changes other than repositioning the notification count for stacked cards . For example, on Android 11 , if you have multiple notifications from a particular app, a counter with the number of notifications appears in the bottom right corner of the stacked cards . In Android 12 , this counter is located right next to the i expansion arrow in the upper right corner . In addition, the number of notifications is highlighted in a colorful way .

.This change not only improves the visibility but also saves a little more space for text preview on the card . However , it should be noted that this design can change in the final version, as is usually the case with the developer previews .

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