The concert experiment of 5 thousand people in Barcelona concluded: No sign of Covid-19 contamination

The results of a 5 thousand-person rock concert in Barcelona, ​​Spain, where social distance was not maintained despite the Covid-19 epidemic, came to light.

Authorities announced in their statement that there was no indication that the coronavirus was infected after the event on March 27.

Before the concert held in the Palau Sant Jordi indoor gym, all audience were passed the Covid-19 test. In the place where a special ventilation system was used, all the audience wore FFP2-style masks, and some special rules were asked to be observed in the use of toilets and bars. However, the rule of social distance between the audience was not followed.

Josep Maria Llibre, one of the doctors at the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital, explained that they did a great Covid-19 experiment with this concert and that such organizations proved to be safe if the right precautions were taken.

“We found no signs of Covid-19 transmission during the concert. This was the target of our research anyway,” Llibre said. he spoke.

Llibre also added that if the use of masks, good ventilation and Covid-19 testing is done, there is no harm in organizing such crowded events.

The rock band Love of Lesbians thanked everyone who attended the concert and contributed to the concert in a statement made on his Twitter account, and Angels Ponsa, Minister of Culture of the Autonomous Region of Catalonia, said, “The eyes of the whole world are on us. Everyone is asking us how we achieved this.” used the expressions.

6 Covid-19 cases not originating from a concert were detected

In the statement made, it was noted that the Covid-19 virus was detected in 6 people attending the event 15 days after the concert, 4 of them were certain that the virus was not transmitted at the concert, and the source of the other 2 cases remained uncertain.

Researchers held a concert with 500 people in a closed venue last December, and all the audience was kept constant in the Covid-19 test before the organization. In the researches, no coronavirus was found in any audience.

Similar concerts were held in the past months and weeks to test the spreading power of Covid-19 in countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, Russia and New Zealand around the world.

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