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The cloud industry reached a size of $ 42 billion in the first quarter

Activities such as distance learning and working increased the load on cloud platforms. Industry giants aim to spread this burden by expanding to different countries. Consequently, incomes are also increasing.

Pandemic has a great impact on the server side as well as on the end user products. Cloud infrastructures, in particular, face an increasing load, which affects revenues. In the first quarter of the new year, industry giants again became giants. 

Cloud usage is increasing

According to analysis, cloud infrastructures reached a volume of 41.8 billion dollars in the first quarter of the year and increased by 35 percent. The sector has exceeded a volume of 40 billion dollars in a quarter for the first time. The top 3 service providers have 58 percent of the volume.

This week, Verizon announced it is divesting its entire media group to focus more on core operations. It is stated that Verizon Media, which was acquired by the accommodation group called Apollo Global Management, was valued at $ 5 billion. Verizon will have a 10 percent share.

Verizon thus incurred a loss of $ 5 billion. When Yahoo failed to perform as expected, it also dropped its value. Already in the first week of its acquisition by Verizon, it had caused a great scandal by leaking the information of 1 billion people.

From now on, it is a matter of curiosity how Yahoo will perform. Categories such as mail, finance, sports, entertainment have a certain audience, but they are not enough for competition. The Apollo group is hoping to start a new breakthrough.

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