The Chinese brand has electrically returned the classic Beetle with its new concept


The classic Volkswagen Beetle is back as a four-door electric vehicle with a concept study signed by the Chinese brand Ora.

As will be remembered, the production of the Volkswagen Beetle ended in 2019. Rumor has it that the iconic model could return as a four-door electric vehicle with a classic design.

On the other hand, the Chinese brand Ora kept it quick and Bug we recognize as classic Beetle has returned back to life as an electric car. Ora Punk Cat is the name of the concept that brings together the old and the new with its design inspired by the classic Vosvos . The shape of the front hood, fenders and bumpers directly reflects the iconic model. In addition, there are more modern details such as a glass roof, embedded door handles and alloy wheels.

The interior of the Ora Punk Cat is almost the same as the steering wheel of the Beetle. However, the Chinese brand did not forget to add various multimedia controls to the steering wheel. In addition, the round digital display screen is designed to live up to the original model. In addition, modern details such as ambient lighting, a large multimedia screen, turbine-shaped air vents and wireless smartphone charging unit are among the features added by the brand itself.

Technical details of the concept such as range or powertrain are not yet clear. But the models of the Ora brand are known for having affordable prices. For example, the Ora R1 model is one of them. We can expect other information about the vehicle to be announced in the upcoming period.

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