Tesla’s $25,000 hatchback can offer at least 400km range


Aiming to become a more accessible brand in terms of price, Tesla will achieve this goal with the compact hatchback of 25 thousand dollars with the help of new generation batteries.

Tesla , which has been smiling with its Model 3 and Model Y sales recently, is preparing to enter a new segment in order to further increase the popularity of the brand. The most striking aspect of the compact hatchback , which is stated to come in 2023, is the starting price, which is stated to be 25 thousand dollars .

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the $25,000 compact hatchback model in 2020. This is the car that will put Tesla in a more competitive position in terms of price.Volkswagen ID.3 It is stated that it will compete with competitors such as Moreover, according to the information, although the starting price is lower than its competitors, the range it offers will be more.

Tesla, whose cheapest model is currently at the level of 40 thousand dollars, will achieve this price change thanks to the new generation 4680 battery cells announced last year. Because in the statement made, it was announced that these new cells reduced the production cost by 50 percent ($107 per kWh). At the same time, these batteries, which are said to be able to store five times more energy, will offer 16 percent more range.

According to Autocar’s report, Tesla’s cheapest model can offer a range of 400 kilometers from the entry level, according to WLTP. Because Elon Musk stated that this is the lowest acceptable range value for a Tesla model. On the other hand, the top version of the compact hatchback may have a driving range of 566 kilometers.

A drawing of Tesla’s compact hatchback model was shared last year. The car will have similar lines to the Model 3 in terms of design. According to Autocar, the version of the compact model for sale in Europe will be produced at the Berlin plant, which will be operational in early 2022. On the other hand, in previous reports, it was stated that the car would be produced in China.

For now, there is no official statement other than when the car will be released, the starting price and the use of new batteries. We hope to learn more details on the subject in the coming months.


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