Tesla support for Bitcoin developers

Tesla engineers reported the vulnerabilities they found in the Bitcoin payment platform BTCPay codes and enabled the platform to close this with an important update.

Tesla, which brings great dynamism to the cryptocurrency world by purchasing Bitcoin assets and then accepting payments with Bitcoin, also contributes to the development of the software ecosystem.

BTCPay support

The BTCPay platform, which provides open source payment systems to individual or business personalities who want to pay with Bitcoin, released an important update this week. The feature of the update was the contribution of Tesla engineers.

In its statement, the platform reported that a vulnerability in container placement and email configuration was fixed with the update. The report prepared by Tesla engineers was the basis for the emergence of these errors.

BTCPay expresses its gratitude for the contribution provided by Tesla to ensure the safety of the community. Of course, the fact that important companies start to support blockchain technologies will enable the establishment of much more robust ecosystems.

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