Tesla found guilty in Norway: thousands of car owners are asked to pay $ 16,000

 Tesla was accused of reducing the range and charging speed of vehicles with a software update. The court in Norway was concluded and the US manufacturer was found guilty. He may face great compensation. 

With the development of technology, cars have become wireless software updates, just like smartphones. Consequently, this situation brought some problems with it. Tesla is now dealing with one of these problems in Norway.

After a software update published by Tesla in 2019, users stated that there was a decrease of up to 11 percent in range values. In the examinations, it was revealed that the Model S and Model X, which were produced before 2016 and had an 85 kWh battery pack, were affected by this situation.

The US electric vehicle manufacturer stated in its defense that the update was made to “protect the battery and improve battery life”, resulting in range losses affecting a small portion of Tesla owners. It was stated that in addition to range losses, fast charging rates at Supercharger stations were also reduced.

The reasons outlined above caused some Tesla users in countries such as Norway, Denmark and the USA to sue the manufacturer. According to reports, the case in Norway was concluded and the court found Tesla guilty of lowering battery capacities and charging speeds.

According to Norwegian sources, Tesla did not respond to the court and the 30 users who were plaintiff were entitled to 136,000 Norwegian kronor each, or 16,000 dollars in  compensation. If the company doesn’t object in the next few weeks, it will have to pay compensation to thousands of vehicle owners. It is stated that there are 10 thousand users affected by this situation in Norway alone. 

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