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Tencent starts using facial recognition so kids can’t play games at night

Tencent, one of the biggest companies in the mobile game industry, is starting to use facial recognition systems to keep children away from games late at night.

We all know how much the game world has grown in recent years. Especially the growth in the mobile game industry has enabled everyone from young children to older users to enter the game industry. In this case, many parents began to complain about their children’s playtime. Tencent, on the other hand, offered an interesting solution for players in China .

Face Recognition System Coming

Tencent, one of the largest companies in the mobile game industry, is starting to add facial recognition to its games so that children in China can’t play late at night . In fact,  this system is currently enabled in 60 different mobile games from Tencent, including Honor of Kings and Game for Peace . 

The system works very simply. When the player tries to enter the game between 10 pm and 8 am , the face recognition system will be activated and the player will be identified. At the end of the process, if it is learned that the player is over 18 years old, he will be able to enter the game, if he is under 18 , he will not be able to enter the game. 

The Chinese government had previously offered strict methods of removing child actors from games, but children found a way to avoid them. The Chinese government says these regulations are to curb gaming addiction in China, where both mobile and PC games are very popular . However, citizens

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