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Telegram CEO explained: Group video calls feature coming

After the company’s announcement about a year ago, group video calls will finally be added to Telegram. CEO Pavel Durov announced on his Telegram channel the date the feature will be added.

Telegram will add group video calling feature to the platform next month . Telegram CEO Pavel Durov shows a brief showing in action the upcoming feature on his personal Telegram channel.posted a video.

Desktop and tablet support will also be available

Last year, Telegram promised to add group video calling feature to the platform, following video conferencing applications that became very popular with the pandemic. More than a year later, Durov announced that the feature will be available to users in May .

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov: “Speaking of video calls, we’ll add a video dimension to our voice chats in May, making Telegram a powerful platform for group video calls.” made statements.

Group video calls in Telegram will have screen sharing, encryption, noise canceling, as well as desktop, tablet and smartphone support.

The platform currently supports one-on-one video calls and group voice chats, but will be able to co

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