Take-Two will release 21 new games until March 31, 2022; none of them are GTA 6

Take-Two said in the last fiscal quarter reports published in the past hours that they will release 21 different games in the next 1 year. Unfortunately, none of them are GTA 6 as expected. 

Take-Two Interactive , the parent company of 2K, Rockstar Games  , has announced the number of games it will publish in the next year. 

GTA 6 Is Not Released This Year

Take-Two Interactive announced that it will release 21 different games until March 31, 2022 , in the meeting where it shared its financial results . Unfortunately he didn’t say what the games were, but only a few hints were given. It is worth saying from the beginning that none of these games are GTA 6.

This games is four big-budget of the main game will be. While two of these four games will belong to a new series, two of them will be the new game of a series we have seen before. One of the four games is developed by Gearbox. One of the four games is probably WWE 2K22 and the other is NBA 2K22.

Of the remaining 17 different games, 10 are renewed versions of old games, 6 are mobile games and one is an independent game. The independent game is  OlliOlli World.

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