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Take a closer look at Microsoft’s underwater data center in 3D video

Microsoft has released a 3D video of the Project Natick underwater data center project. The video contains important tips about the data centers of the future.

Working on underwater data centers under the name of Project Natick Microsoft shared a 3D video showing the next generation data center  .

A data center in the depths of the ocean

Microsoft underlines that underwater data centers are 8 times more reliable than land . For this, the technology giant, which places 864 servers in a capsule containing some nitrogen, lowers this capsule to the depths of the ocean. In this way, both the corrosion problem caused by oxygen and moisture is prevented, and the cooling costs are reduced because the ocean is cold below  .

The underwater data center provides the energy it needs with a submarine cable. Microsoft  states that the electricity used here comes from 100% renewable energy sources .

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