T-Force announces DDR4-5600 MHz RAM for Rocket Lake

Rocket Lake processors, where Intel continues to the LGA 1200 socket, will also witness the highest frequencies of DDR4. T-Force announces high frequency memory kits.

Nowadays, as hardware lovers are slowly observing the path of DDR5, memory manufacturers are moving DDR4 as far as they can.

T-Force, a subsidiary of TeamGroup, included Intel’s high frequency memory kits developed for the 11th generation Core processor family in its announcement. Models promise the highest performance in Z590 motherboards.

5600 MHz frequency possible with Rocket Lake

T-Force offers frequencies of 5600 MHz, 5333 MHz and 5066 MHz in the new XTREEM memory family. A 16 GB (2×8 GB) set was prepared for the frequencies reached by Intel’s Rocket Lake processors.

On the other hand, the updated XTREEM / XTREEM ARGB / XTREEM ARGB WHITE DDR4 kits will offer 16 GB capacity (2x 8 GB) memory at frequencies of 5333 MHz and 5066 MHz.

Finally, on the T-Force compatibility wing, he added that different motherboard manufacturers’ Z590 chipset motherboards support frequencies above 5000 MHz. The price information of the new kits is not shared.

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