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Surprise from Konami! PES 2022 demo released!

The demo of Pro Evolution Soccer, one of the popular football games of the game world, or PES 2022, as it is known, the new game of PES has made its debut.

The demo of PES 2022, the new game of the popular football game PES, published and developed by Konami, has made its surprise debut.

Recently, Konami surprisingly released the demo of PES 2022, but the name of the demo is not PES 2022 Demo. The demo is called “New Football Game Online Performance Test” . The platforms where the demo is released are PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S . You do not need a PS Plus or Live Gold membership to play the demo . The demo is available until July 8th.

EuroGamer contacted Konami after the demo and was told that this demo was for testing plain online servers . The graphics, gameplay dynamics and many more parts of the game are under development, and the full version of the game will definitely not be like this. Konami also added that the game may have crash issues . You can find the first gameplay video from the game below .

PES 2022 Demo Gameplay

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