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Superman analogy about Dogecoin (DOGE)

Dogecoin (DOGE) millionaire Glauber Contessoto made statements about Dogecoin. He likened Dogecoin to the Krypto dog in the Superman novels.

Dogecoin (DOGE) millionaire Glauber Contessoto explained why Dogecoin is the “best cryptocurrency” with a humorous Superman -related theory. 

Glauber Contessoto , 33, who is not only DOGE but also a fiat millionaire, is a member of DOGE.cryptocurrency spoke about its growing popularity as a unit.

The DOGE supporter stated that he did “extensive and painstaking” research to find the “secret” of Dogecoin popularity. Eventually, he brought up the hugely popular Superman comic book character and his super dog named Krypto. According to Glauber Contessoto, the dog became “DOGE” and Krypto became “crypto”. He also reminded the community that DOGE is the “best cryptocurrency” because the dog is a man’s best friend.

Glauber Contessoto had left his day job at a HipHopDX online music magazine in Los Angeles for a DOGE adventure. 

Contessoto, who has about 80 thousand subscribers, has a YouTube channel , but he is not making any money from his channel yet. Contessoto sells DOGE products on his personal website and produces content about DOGE on his YouTube channel in his remaining time.

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