Stranger Things season 4 seems to be postponed to 2022

The fourth season of Stranger Things, one of Netflix’s popular series, was expected to air this year, but it seems to have been postponed to 2022.

Finn Wolfhard, one of the leading roles in the series, made a statement about the release date of the fourth season of the Stranger Things series  , which has a big share in Netflix’s popularity .

Finn Wolfhard, who played Mike Wheeler in all four seasons of Stranger Things , recently spoke about the fourth season of the series. He says he thinks the series will air in 2022 . Previously, the series was expected to air within this year, but it seems that the new season has been postponed.

The first season of the series was broadcast in 2016, the second season in 2017, and the third in 2019. The filming of the fourth season also started in February 2020, but shooting was delayed many times due to the epidemic. Currently, the fourth season shootings are still in progress. 

Most likely, the fourth season will air in the first months of 2022 . Some players from the series said that the delays are good for the series and the  new season will have a better scenario .

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