Steam’s new update released: “New and Noteworthy” section added to the store

The new update of Steam, one of the indispensable ones of the PC platform in terms of acting, has been released. The “New and Noteworthy” section has been added to the store.

The new update of Steam , the digital game platform owned by Valve, has been released. The feature, which has been in beta for four months in the Steam Labs, has now arrived in the Steam store. 

Steam’s update is mostly based on making the use of the store easier and adding new options. The “New and Noteworthy” section has been added to the options section in the store, where you can now see popular and new productions . It shows ongoing special offers, latest updates, and items to be released on Steam.

Although it was easy to browse the list of basic genres, Steam’s product catalog was not fully explored from here . The new “Categories” menu will help users discover the extremely different and interesting games on Steam. There are many new categories of games that can be discovered in this menu . You can find important parts of Steam’s update notes below. More detailed informationfrom here you can reach.

New Starting Points: Genres, Themes, and Player Modes

The new starting points are based on the three main ways players navigate Steam, genre, theme, and player mode. Each of these main methods answers a different question:

Genres: “What kind of game is this? What is it like to play this game?”
Real time strategy, Adventure RPG, farming simulation, metroidvania etc.

Themes: “How is the content of the game?”
Science fiction, survival, mystery, etc.

Player Modes: “Who can I play this game with?”
Single player, multiplayer, MMO, co-op, etc.

These orientations of players can be aggregated and displayed using Steam tags and metadata . The categories under Genres and Themes are identified by tags grouped under the starting points, while the categories under the Player Modes are defined  directly using metadata provided by the developers.

We made the decision by officially researching these three main top-level categories, using our intuition, and taking beta feedback into account. Also, a precedent to this method is available on Steam, called “Steam Curators” . We’ve seen many curators make lists of certain types of games. Almost all of these lists fit the three main headings we mentioned above:  gameplay and genre-based lists, such as city building  , theme-based lists such as games with dogs, or play mode-based lists such as games you can play with your girlfriend.

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