Statement from Nvidia about the Windows 10 update that shatters gaming performance

The latest system update released for Windows 10 caused framerate drops and freezes in games. Nvidia has advised users experiencing problems to uninstall the KB5001330 update.

Software giant Microsoft released an important system update for the Windows 10 operating system this month . However , the update numbered KB5001330 caused many problems in computers as we are used to.

Windows 10 users faced problems such as not being able to access the “Pictures” or “Documents” folder , but also faced with extremely annoying problems such as boot problem and blue screen error.

It negatively impacted game performance

In addition to all these, the KB5001330 also affected the game performance . After the update was installed, frame rate drops or freezes started to occur in games . Nvidia made a statement on complaints from gamers.

Company removing games from the latest Windows 10 update to users who experience problems with system performance KB5000842 to release their return has recommended. Microsoft is trying to fix the quality issue in the last update .

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