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Starlink satellites get new orbit clearance: speeds will increase

The US Federal Communications Board has approved SpaceX’s application, which will double the speed of Starlink. The new Starlink satellites will now be placed much closer to the surface.

There has been another good development for Starlink , SpaceX’s internet service from space . The US Federal Communications Board has formally approved SpaceX’s offer to lower the Starlink satellites’ altitude to 550 kilometers . SpaceX will thus be able to start offering faster internet service very soon ..

The Federal Communications Board had previously given permission for SpaceX plans to place a total of 1,584 satellites in orbits at altitudes of 1100-1150 kilometers . Approximately 1,400 Starlink satellites that have been sent to space to date have been placed exactly in these orbits. However, SpaceX aims to halve the orbital level very soon. According to the approval from the Federal Communications Board today, the company will be able to place 2814 Starlink satellites at altitudes around 550 kilometers .

The approach of satellites to the surface will of course be a very pleasing development for Starlink users. Elon Musk previously said that Starlink’s speed will double by 2021 . In addition, it is aimed to decrease the delay values ​​to the level of 20ms . Thanks to Starlink satellites in 550 kilometers orbit, a tremendous improvement will be seen in speed and ping values. 

SpaceX currently offers Starlink services in a beta phase in a total of seven different countries from North America, Europe and Oceania . Starlink has expanded to five new countries this year alone. According to the statements of Elon Musk, Starlink will have reached the capacity to provide service all over the world by the end of 2021. However, of course, in order for the internet service to start, the country in question must first approve SpaceX.

SpaceX also aims to bring the Starlink service to vehicles in motion by this year  . In this way, sectors where internet service can be provided with limited internet service, such as ship and plane transport, will also have high-speed connections. Even cargo ships doing international trade can now have internet connections of over 100 mbit.

Elon Musk said that the portable Starlink service will also come to large land vehicles such as trucks. However, small cars like Tesla do not seem possible at the moment. Musk stated that the Starlink terminal is too big for small cars.

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