Starlink comes to rival: Amazon buys Facebook’s internet team from space


 Facebook’s team to provide internet to its users from space has been acquired by Amazon, which wants to rival Starlink’s success. The team will join Amazon’s Project Kuiper.

It was known that Facebook was working on the internet from space with its own team. With Starlink being very popular, it is said that Facebook will abandon its investments in the space sector and move to the fixed internet sector. Another company that wants to rival Starlink , Amazon , announced that it has acquired the Facebook team in order to strengthen its own project,  Project Kuiper . 

More than $10 billion investment

Owned by Amazonian  Project Kuiper, 2029 until the year 3236 satellites in the sky and they want to send half of 2026 plans to launch the year. They also say that they will build 12 stations around the world to be able to transfer data from satellites. To do all this, the company reportedly invested more than $ 10 billion and passed FAA approval.

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