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Stack Overflow sold to tech investor Prosus for $1.8 billion

Popular programming Q&A site Stack Overflow has been acquired by Prosus NV, Europe’s largest technology investment firm.

Dutch company Prosus has announced that it has acquired Stack Overflow , a popular forum for developers and IT professionals . The site has been in operation since 2008 and today has more than 100 million monthly visitors. The deal is worth $1.8 billion .

Stack Overflow is pretty much the first place developers and programmers go to solve code problems. There you can find answers to your questions and even use someone else’s code for free . The site’s founder is Joel Spolsky , who previously worked as a product manager on the Microsoft Excel team and is the author of the Trello scheduling software .

It will continue to serve in the same way

Purchase of the Prosus performs operates as a subsidiary of the South African Naspers. It invests in online platforms and other e-commerce services. Prosus ‘ biggest investments include Tencent , Group , PayU and OLX (Avito).

Stack Overflow is the first direct acquisition that a Dutch company wants to use to develop teleworking and online learning technologies . Stack Overflow’s founder , Joel Spolsk y is the user forums as before that he would continue working assurance was given and said: ” Stack overflow, independently, the same team and will continue to work in the previous plan accordingly. We have new owners. In a sense, it is possible that the good result, ” he said .

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