SSD like graphics card: Sabrent will offer 28 GB / s speed with 64 TB RocketQ Battleship

Drawing attention with its high capacity and performance solutions, Sabrent targets performance enthusiast users who need the highest capacity with its new solution.

Sabrent’s solution has been developed for those who want the high performance of SSD together with the high capacity of the HDD.

Sabrent the 8 x 8 TB capacity SSD rocketq rocketq Sabrent rising above the bridge of the Highpoint drivers Battleship Fast n ‘Little NV RAID The AIC will assume the card.

Dual fan 6-pin power input

The model, which has a total capacity of 64 TB, will now be able to offer 28 GB / s speed over the PCIe 4.0 interface . A 6-pin PCIe power connector is included to feed the RAID configuration, which is cooled by 2 fans.

The solution, developed with 8 TB SSDs sold at $ 1299 each, is expected to be available for over $ 10000 .

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