Spotify calls Apple “a ruthless bully”

The chief legal officer of the music streaming giant Spotify said in a letter he published that Apple was a ‘ruthless bully’ on the grounds that it did not allow fair competition. 

Spotify calls Apple a ruthless bully - AronBoss

Spotify’s chief legal officer, Horacio Gutierrez, wrote an article published in The Wall Street Journal .in the article He described Apple as a ruthless bully who uses his dominance to defeat his rivals .

There is unfair competition

Horacio Gutierrez , who justified Epic in the ongoing lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple , reiterated the arguments made by the video game production company and spoke about the unfair rivalry between Spotify and Apple Music.

“There’s a lot to admire about Apple, but my company Spotify has seen another cruel side. Apple designs, develops, and sells some of the most desirable hardware products in the world. And for many, Steve Jobs has created it.” It remains a figure of reverence that gives work a lasting sparkle . My job is to be one of the few who insist that under this exterior he is a ruthless bully who uses his dominance to disrupt his opponents . But over the past few years, regulators around the world have finally They started to investigate. Many of them don’t like what they see. ” gave place to his statements.

Spotify calls Apple a ruthless bully - AronBoss

He added that Spotify does not ask Apple for special treatment, but only to be fair . Gutierrez said it was unfair competition for the company to charge 30% commission on in-app purchases and subscriptions and to prevent iPhone and iPad customers from referring to the Spotify website to sign up.

Spotify’s chief attorney stated that under the current circumstances the platform should be 30% more expensive , which will affect the users ‘ decision to choose Apple Music . He also called for action with urgent, narrow-scope updates to the competition law in the country.

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