Spider-Man Movies Coming to Disney+

Having a cinematic universe shaped around the Spider-Man character, Sony made an agreement with Disney. Sony’s Marvel movies will now come to Disney +, after Netflix.

Spider-Man Movies Coming to Disney+

As you know, Disney currently has a Marvel Cinematic Universe . They add these movies to their video streaming platform Disney Plus shortly after the theaters . However , these movies could not be added to Disney +, as the rights of Spider-Man and the characters in his universe were owned by Sony .

Earlier this morning , it was announced that Disney and Sony had made a new deal. Marvel movies released by Sony from 2022 will also come to Disney Plus. However, until the movie comes to Disney Plus, of course it will be released in the cinema before. Then it will come to Netflix.

As you know, Netflix recently bought the digital broadcasting rights of the movies Sony broadcasted . In short, Sony’s Marvel movies such as Spider-Man, Venom and Morbius will be released in theaters first. It will then be broadcast on Netflix and most recently to Disney Plus . This agreement will be valid for films between 2022 and 2026 . However, we can think that it will continue afterwards. 

Note that this agreement only applies to Marvel movies , not other Sony movies . 

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