Spider-Man 3 will kick off a joint Marvel movie universe between Sony and Disney

Sony executive Sanford Panitch announced that Sony and Disney have plans for Marvel movies to have a common universe. You can find the details in our news. 

As you know, both Disney and Sony are currently making their own Marvel movies . Sony generally owns the rights to a Spider-Man universe. Disney, on the other hand, owns all the remaining Marvel characters. However, as it is known, the two companies decided to use the Spider-Man character jointly . This raised the question of whether the universes could be merged.

There Will Be a Joint Marvel Universe Between Disney and Sony

In the past hours,  Sony manager Sanford Panitch has clarified this issue. He said that Disney and Sony have a plan for their joint universe . We will see the first phase of these plans in Spider-Man 3, and with the third movie, it will be clear where the series is going. 

It has already been confirmed that the third movie will feature some characters from the old Spider-Man movies. Therefore, it seems that a common universe will be established not only with the old universe , but also with the Sony universe where Venom and Morbius are. On the Sony side , movies are in the making for many Spider-Man characters besides Venom and Morbius .

Spider-Man 3  will be  released on December 17, 2021 . All expected guests are: Jamie Foxx,  Benedict Cumberbatch ,  Tobey Maguire,  Kirsten Dunst,  Andrew Garfield,  Emma Stone , Alfred Molina, Charlie Cox,  Willem Dafoe  and Thomas Haden Church. Of these, Benedict Cumberbatch, Jamie Foxx and Alfred Molina have been officially confirmed.

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