Sphero Indi will teach children programming


The Sphero Indi robot tool will allow preschoolers to easily get used to programming. In addition, high-level programming training is also available. 

Sphero, one of the most experienced and popular names in robotics programming, is here with a new product. The 4-wheel Sphero Indi robot aims to make children love programming. 

What does Sphero Indi offer?

Sphero Indi , a 4-wheel robotic vehicle, aims to teach children robotic programming like the company’s other vehicles. This time, pre-school and primary school up to the second grade are targeted. 

It is possible to program the robot vehicle with colored cards without application. The color sensor at the bottom makes movements according to the cards. More advanced coding can also be done with the Sphero Edu Jr application. In addition to the actions, LED notification and sound notification can also be programmed. 

Sphero Indi is sold in packs. The student package includes a vehicle and 35 cards. Its price is worth $ 125. In the classroom package, there are 8 robots and 8 sets of 35 programming cards. The price is set at 1200 $. 

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