SpaceX’s giant Mars rocket Starship landed successfully for the first time: These are the moments

Elon Musk’s space company SpaceX has left another important milestone in Mars targets. Starship’s high-altitude test rocket trials have been successful for the first time.

SpaceX’s new generation interplanetary spaceship Starship has achieved success for the first time in high altitude test flights . The new prototype rocket, named SN15, ended its testing mission flawlessly, and SpaceX thus left another important milestone in Starship’s development process.

The SN15 prototype took off from SpaceX’s launch site in Texas at 00:24 on Thursday. The rocket  managed to reach a height of about 10 kilometers , just like in previous SN11 and SN10 prototype trials  . Afterwards, the body started to descend to the surface by moving to the landing position and at the end of the mission, he made a great landing. The SN15 thus became the first high-altitude Starship prototype to end a test mission with everything smoothly.

SpaceX had previously managed to land the rocket on the SN10 prototype, but just a few minutes after landing, the SN10 suddenly exploded. Therefore, the SN10 test is not considered a successful landing. 

Images from the take-off and landing moments:

Speaking about the test mission after landing, SpaceX said, “From the SN15 software to its engine and avionics, it has improvements that speed up the production / flight process and make it more efficient. More specifically, the newly developed avionics suite, updated propellant architecture and new Raptor engine design and configuration. . ” used the expressions.

With a length of 50 meters, the SN15 is a full-scale prototype in terms of its dimensions. However, there are only 3 Raptor engines in the rocket. The final version of Starship will host 6 Raptor engines.

Starship will also   be placed on a huge pusher named Super Heavy . The Super Heavy, which will carry the Starship from the surface to the orbit, is   expected to be 72 meters long and host 30 Raptor engines. In other words, the total length of Starship and Super Heavy  will be 122 meters .

SpaceX plans to bring Starship to space this year and begin its first Starship official missions. Then   there is a goal of transporting people to the Moon in 2023 and to Mars in 2025 . 

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