SpaceX’s another Starship prototype explodes

SpaceX performed the test flight of the new Starship prototype SN11, which was delayed several times, yesterday. It was announced that the rocket exploded during the landing, but we could not see the explosion moments due to the arc that was cut halfway.

SpaceX’s new generation interplanetary spaceship Starship’s launch tests continue at full speed. The highly anticipated take-off of the new prototype rocket SN11 also took place yesterday. In the test flight, the Starship prototype failed to land successfully and turned into a giant fireball.

Taking off from SpaceX’s launch site in Texas, the SN11 prototype attempted to return to the surface after reaching a height of about 10 kilometers. SpaceX’s live broadcast was interrupted, so we could not see the landing moments. Company officials made a statement after a short while and said that the SN11 could not return to the surface and exploded in the air.

Elon Musk, who made some comments on the subject on Twitter, said, “The second engine of the SN11 seems to have had some problems during the descent. The landing firing failed to reach functional chamber pressure, but in theory it was not necessary anyway. There was a serious problem shortly after the landing ignition. Details today. We will learn later. ” used the expressions.

SpaceX succeeded in landing the SN10 rocket launched earlier this month. However, the rocket suddenly exploded a few minutes after landing. Again, the SN10’s landing was the first in Starship’s development process. Unfortunately, the same success could not be repeated in SN11.

SpaceX has a step-by-step plan to achieve the goal in the Starship development process. We saw plenty of explosion moments in the prototype tests of the Falcon 9 rocket, just like the Starship. SpaceX will analyze all these errors in the best way and try to perfect the design of the rocket.

The final version of the Starship is expected to be 50 meters high and house 6 Raptor engines. Starship will also be placed on a huge pusher named Super Heavy. The Super Heavy, which will carry the Starship from the surface to the orbit, is expected to be 72 meters long and host 28 Raptor engines. In other words, the total length of Starship and Super Heavy will be 122 meters.

SpaceX plans to bring Starship to space this year and begin its first Starship official missions. Then there is the goal of transporting people to the Moon in 2023 and to Mars in 2025. Although it landed, it exploded again minutes later.

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