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Sony’s main goal in next generation VR device is to provide quality gaming experience.

Sony has announced its goals in the virtual reality device specially developed for PlayStation 5. You can find the details in our news.

When it comes to VR on console, we know that PlayStation is the only one in this regard. Its competitor, Microsoft, announced that it chose not to enter the VR market and did not plan to enter the future. That’s why PlayStation is the  only choice of gamers to experience VR on the console .

As you know, Sony announced the new generation VR device developed for PlayStation 5 in the past months . Unfortunately, not many details are yet known. However, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan  recently  announced what they are aiming for with the device.

Interviewing Nikkei, Jim Ryan said that the  potential market for VR devices is huge and their main goal in next-generation VR devices is to provide players with a quality gaming experience .

Although PlayStation VR is the only choice on the console side, we can say that there was no game that fascinated the players and spoke for a long time throughout the PlayStation 4 generation . We hope that this situation will collapse in this generation and we can see better quality games.

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