Sony is working on a unique cloud system for PlayStation

 What will happen to Sony’s answer to Xbox Game Pass has been wondering for a while. According to the latest statements, Sony is developing a system that is exclusive to PlayStation and is planned to offer a unique experience.

We all know that Sony and Microsoft are rivals, especially in terms of console . Increasing competition between them always turns into a scenario where players win. That’s why it has been wondering what will be Sony’s answer to Xbox Game Pass for a while . While we can’t say directly to Game Pass, Sony seems to be working on an answer to Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Although Sony has a cloud service called PlayStation Now , it seems to have a different plan in the future. Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan, who recently participated in the interview, said that they are currently working on a cloud experience that is unique and exclusive to PlayStation .

Unfortunately, Jim Ryan said that the service is not ready to be announced right now, they will announce it when it is. Unfortunately, he did not give a clue as to what kind of features the system would have. 

As we said, Sony already has a service called PlayStation Now, but it should be noted that it is not very popular. Although there are important productions in it, it is not open to access even all over the world.  Jim Ryan also said that in this generation PlayStation will have more exclusive games than ever before .

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