Sony applied for a drone patent that offers noise cancellation in indoor and outdoor environments.

Japan-based Sony has applied for a patent to implement the outdoor noise canceling feature. The company plans to use an AI-powered drone swarm for the technology. 

Japanese technology giant Sony is preparing to implement its expertise in noise canceling technology in an open environment . The company will use the technology in open and closed environments with the help of a drone swarm.

Experts reviewing the Japanese company ‘s application to the US Patent and Trademark Office state that Sony intends to create a drone network to create a noise-free zone in a noisy environment.

According to the site called Founders Legal, Sony’s patent application is explained by the transmission of real-time image data to a processing algorithm of the AI-powered drone swarm and thus flying to the relevant region. If the image is processed, other drones that are activated are also transferred to the region. So how does the noise canceling feature work in an outdoor environment?

Silence in the middle of the noise

Each drone will be equipped with special speakers, according to the expert who examined the patent application. When the drones reaching the area where the noise canceling feature will be implemented take the correct position, the ambient sound in the relevant area will be processed thanks to the sound capture features . Later, the audio signals to be produced by the speakers on the drones will cancel the processed ambient sound, creating a virtual noise canceling environment .

Sony applied for a drone patent that offers noise cancellation in indoor and outdoor environments. - AronBoss

According to experts, it is a matter of curiosity about how the system, which seems quite impressive, will integrate the intensive processing load that it will need to realize the solution it claims . The need for very powerful systems to process image and audio data can pose a problem for drones with limited energy  . However, the fact that Sony has made such a patent application may also mean that the company has developed a system that will solve all this burden.  

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