Smartphone market first quarter revenue of $ 100 billion

 While the smartphone market reached a record $ 100 billion in revenue in the first quarter of the year, Apple and later Samsung managed to get the biggest share of the pie. 

The smartphone market, which went through a heavy pandemic, still continued to grow. In particular, high-priced phones selling a lot, although there is stagnation in sales in general, it increases revenues. 

100 billion dollars revenue

According to the analysis conducted by StrategyAnalytics , the revenue generated in the smartphone market reached $ 100 billion in the first quarter of the year and increased 37 percent on a yearly basis. Premium-grade phones above $ 900 accounted for 25 percent of revenue in the first quarter.

Apple comes into play because the premium class is dominant . The company has a total iPhone revenue of $ 48 billion, dominating almost 50 percent of the market. Samsung, on the other hand, generated $ 24.8 billion in mobile revenue, but this includes tablet revenues. In this regard, we can estimate a share of around 22 percent. In short, 72 percent of revenues are shared by Apple and Samsung. 

In the $ 400- $ 499 segment, Vivo is the leader. Oppo is the leader in the $ 191-299 segment. In the entry-level segment up to the $ 99 band, there is Chinese Transsion, which we know with the brands Tecno and Infinix. In other words, the dominant element of $ 499 gold has become China. While this table is expected not to deteriorate during the year, we may see an increase in total revenues. 

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