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Shock move from Qualcomm: Leaving ARM on your laptop

Qualcomm will use Snapdragon processors in laptops late next year, based on the innovative chip architecture developed by the Nuvia initiative.

The Nuvia initiative, founded by experienced chip engineers who left Apple, made a lot of noise for a while. Nuvia, which developed a more efficient chip architecture, even scared Apple and they were sued. It’s what Apple fears is happening. 

Nuvia, Qualcomm’s new favorite

Nuvia was acquired by Qualcomm for $1.4 billion. At that time, it was stated that Nuvia technologies would be used from phones to computers and autonomous driving systems. The first step is taken. 

Qualcomm boss Cristiano Amon announced that they want to be assertive in the laptop segment and will switch to Snapdragon chips designed on the basis of Nuvia architectures in late 2022. 

Qualcomm was already preparing laptop chips based on ARM-based designs, but its inadequacy, especially against the Apple M1, prompted the company. Then came the Nuvia acquisition. 

Windows 11 has actually taken important steps to fix the general problems of ARM chips in desktop systems, but Qualcomm is firmly determined. Probably the first studies with the Nuvia team will have revealed a very important potential that Qualcomm does not give up on its insistence. 

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