Shiba Inu Sculpture Representing Dogecoin (DOGE) Placed In Front Of Wall Street’s Famous Charging Bull Sculpture

A Shiba Inu statue representing Dogecoin has been placed in front of Wall Street’s famous Charging Bull statue, a challenge to traditional finance.

A Shiba Inu statue representing Dogecoin was placed in front of Wall Street’s famous Charging Bull statue, a challenge to traditional finance . Dogecoin’s creator Billy Markus drew attention to the statue placed by its owner on May 8th.

Dogecoin Creator Draws Attention

Dogecoin creator Billy Markus highlighted the statue yesterday and expressed his surprise that the statue is not just a photoshopped image of the Dogecoin mascot, and that it is real:

“Wait, this is real. I’ve seen pictures of this before, but didn’t know what I was looking at, someone put a $ DOGE statue opposite the Wall Street bull in NY. This is great. ”

A Twitter user named Camilo was praised for placing the statue. Camilo’s tweets show that the statue has been there since May 8, shooting the Shiba Inu dog from various angles.

There is also a dog collar on the statue that says “Address: The Moon, Fate Loves Irony, 05/08/21, NYC” . The “moon” refers to the astronomical increase in Dogecoin’s value by 20,700% over the past year. By the way, “Fate Loves Irony” is a slogan frequently used by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who played an important role in promoting Dogecoin.

It is unclear how long the statue will remain before it is removed by law enforcement or transferred by its owner to a different location.

Dogecoin as an Underdog *

The installation of the statue represents a clear political statement about the capacity of the cryptocurrency to combat the constraints of traditional finance. It is similar in concept to Fearless Girl , another sculpture placed in front of Charging Bull in 2017 . 

Although the Charging Bull statue represents the big banks, it was actually a destructive symbol. The statue was created and illegally installed by Arturo Di Modica in 1989 in response to the Black Monday crash in the stock market . Later, the statue received a temporary permit and consolidated its position, becoming a tourist attraction.

The Dogecoin statue placed this week could share the same fate in terms of what it stands for. Some in the cryptocurrency community have described Dogecoin’s rapid rise as unsustainable, while others have criticized celebrities for recklessly encouraging them.

Dogecoin is currently trading at the $ 0.50 level. DOGE is the fourth largest cryptocurrency on the market by time of publication and has a market capitalization of $ 65 billion. 

Underdog: A word used to mean less chance of winning, unexpected to win. 

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