SHIB storm blowing in the crypto money market

After DOGE, we have another new cryptocurrency absorbing the volume of the market. SHIB coin quickly reached a market value of $ 10 billion and a volume of $ 2 billion. Moreover, with a total supply of 1 quadrillion. 

The incredible recent rise of DOGE cryptocurrency has allowed projects with unlimited supply or multiple zero supplies to explode in an instant. These coins, once described as garbage, have reached incredible volumes today. 

SHIB boom

The recently released SHIB unit or Shiba INU has surprised everyone. SHIB started its life with small-scale stock exchanges and continued with China’s giant stock exchange Huobi, and today, SHIB has exploded. With a total supply of 1 quadrillion, SHIB has created a volume of billions of dollars. 

Having reached a market value of 11 billion dollars as of now, SHIB has reached a volume of 2.2 billion dollars on a daily basis. The unit’s price is neither dollars nor cents. Can’t even be identified. Reaching the level of $ 0.0000115, the money is currently at the level of $ 0.0000095. A month ago it was at the level of $ 0.0000006 or even lower. Those who invested a few tens of dollars at that time now have thousands of dollars. The term garbage cannot be used for SHIB because they are trying to create added value with projects such as exchange exchange.

The storm of currencies with unlimited supply is not likely to end. The AKITA unit, which is connected to the SHIB ecosystem, has also gained 5-10 times and creates an incredible volume. The entire cryptocurrency market has literally quit and is watching them. 

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