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Seagate announces world’s fastest HDD drive

The Seagate Mach.2 Exos 2X14 HDD drive achieves data transfer speeds of 524MB / s, capturing entry-level SSD models but lacking on the random performance side. 

Slowly, the SSD ecosystem has begun to make itself accepted, and it is often preferred due to its high transfer speeds. In this regard, the remaining HDD ecosystem is making an important move. 

What does Seagate Mach.2 Exos 2X14 HDD offer?

Launched by the Seagate brand , the new drive named Mach.2 Exos 2X14 HDD reaches a sustainable transfer rate of 524MB / s, breaking a new record and becoming the fastest HDD model. 

The Mach.2 Exos model, which succeeded in capturing the entry-level SSD models, has brought together 2 7TB HDD systems and is displayed as 2 addressable drives. The 3.5-inch case is sealed with Helium. A single port SAS 12GB / s interface is used for output. 

The driver with 7200 RPM rotation speed offers 304 IOPS reading and 384 IOPS writing performance. At this point, it is unlikely to be compared to SSD. The average delay is calculated as 4.16ms. The driver, which consumes 13.5W of energy, can go below 12W by reducing the performance with a special software. The Seagate Mach.2 Exos 2X14 HDD product will soon begin distribution.

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