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Scientists are investigating the Moscow variant

Russian scientists, who are the developers of the Sputnik V vaccine recently, said that there may be a Moscow variant of the coronavirus due to the sudden increase in the number of cases in the country.

After the number of cases in Russia in recent days, Russian scientists started to research whether the new variant has emerged. Denis Logunov , vice president of the Gamelya Institute, which developed the Russian Sputnik V vaccine, said in a statement that there may be a Moscow variant . 

In the past days, 13 thousand 397 new cases have been announced in Russia, half of which are in Moscow. At the same time, 396 people lost their lives. Noting that the Delta variant, which has been seen in 74 countries at the moment, is effective in the number of deaths and cases, Russian scientists say that there may be a new variant apart from this. The head of the Gamelya Institute , Alexander Gitsburg , announced that scientists at the institute are already seriously investigating whether there is such a variant. 

On the other hand, Gitsburg says that the Sputnik V vaccine they developed has less effect on the Delta variant, but the difference is not a significant difference. He said the Sputnik V vaccine triggers high concentrations of antibodies and will also protect a vaccinated person against the Indian/Delta variant. 

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