Say Hello to the Xbox Series X refrigerator

The Xbox, which narrowly came first in Twitter’s best brand vote, is bringing the Xbox Series X theme mini fridge project to life in honor of this. The date is not yet clear.

While Microsoft’s new generation game console continues its sales, the company’s marketing campaigns do not slow down. As a result of an event on Twitter, an Xbox Series X themed mini fridge was created.

Xbox Series X refrigerator

Brands such as Pizzahut, Spotify, Airbnb, Skittles, Alexa, MTV took part in the best brand-focused Tweet contest launched by Twitter at the end of last month. Skittle and Xbox companies remained in the final. The final vote was held this week.

When the Xbox brand won the vote with a nose difference, Microsoft decided to implement the thematic mini refrigerator as promised. Xbox games marketing chief Aaron Greenberg announced the production of the refrigerator.

For now, there is no information other than the pictures, which are the first promotional examples. However, it should not be that difficult to produce a thematic refrigerator. In this respect, the first information will come in the near future.

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