Samsung tests 6G technology: 50 times faster than 5G

 Samsung demonstrated at the 2021 IEEE International Communications Conference that an end-to-end 6G wireless communication system is working with the University of California.

Samsung has partnered with the University of California at Santa Barbara to showcase a prototype 6G wireless communications system at the IEEE 2021 International Communications Conference .

Experts talked about the potential impact of the terahertz series on the development of sixth-generation mobile networks. The presented prototype featured a 16-channel CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor), RFIC (Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits) and a 2 GHz bandwidth and signal generating headunit.

It will reduce the delay to a tenth of a second

To create such a device required high directional accuracy and a digital beamforming calibration algorithm. In experience, 6G communication at a distance of 15 meters provided a transmission rate of 6.2 Gbps, which is only slightly higher than the 5.23 Gbps transmission rate in the 5G standard .

According to experts, the terahertz frequency range is a huge spectrum with dozens of possible broadband channels with gigahertz bands , allowing peak data rates in 6G networks to be 50 times faster than 5G and reduce RF latency to a tenth of a second .

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