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Samsung starts 3nm process in 2022

Samsung, the world’s second-largest chip manufacturer, will switch to the 3nm fabrication process in 2022. Until then, we will also see products produced in 4nm fabrication.

Samsung, the world’s second-largest chipmaker, was expected to switch to the 3nm fabrication process at the end of this year, but the transition has been delayed and will take place in late 2022.

Samsung Foundry, which was introduced at the Foundry Forum 2021 event held in China, listed the 4nm and 5nm fabrication process for 2021 and 2022 in its introduction, and it surprised customers waiting for 3nm. Explaining to Anandtech, Samsung Foundry announced that the 3nm process will be passed in 2022.

We may see 3nm Exynos in 2022

The 3GAE (3nm Gate-All-Around Early ) technology to be used in Samsung’s 3nm transition will only be used by Exynos processors. Later, the transition to 3nm Gate-All-Around Plus technology will be made and the 3nm fabrication process will be made available to non-Samsung customers in 2023. Exynos, produced in the 3nm process, may appear in the fall of 2022.

With Samsung’s 3nm fabrication process, a 35% performance increase, 50% less power consumption, and 45% less space usage will be possible compared to the 7nm process. Samsung is expected to switch to the 4nm fabrication process until it moves to the 3nm process. One of the products to be developed in the 4nm Low Power Early and 4nm Low Power Plus process may be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 895.

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