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Samsung showcases new foldable prototypes

The prototypes exhibited at the SID 2021 display technologies fair were prepared in Z-shaped and expanding screen style. There is also a foldable laptop and a very thin bezel laptop screen. 

Samsung showcases new foldable prototypes - AronBoss

Samsung, which has become the industry leader in foldable screen, has different concepts other than the classic foldable device concept. These concepts, whose drawings we have seen before, have become flesh and blood.

Samsung foldable family

Taking the stage at the SID 2021 display technologies fair, Samsung introduced its new foldable device prototypes and also exhibited a frameless laptop display concept. These prototypes will hit the market in the coming years. 

The first of the prototypes is a tablet model that can be folded in a Z shape. The tablet, which has a 7.2 inch screen, folds at two points. On the left is the camera socket, while on the right, there is a casing to protect the screen knuckle. 

Samsung showcases new foldable prototypes - AronBoss

The other prototype is in the form of an expandable screen. When you press the special button of the smartphone, which looks like 6.6 or 6.7 inches, the screen expands slightly to the left. Thus, a larger screen for media consumption emerges. 

Samsung showcases new foldable prototypes - AronBoss

The last prototype has a structure similar to the ThinkPad X1 Fold . So it’s a little more laptop oriented. There is no screen on the back. The device can be used vertically or horizontally and offers a 4: 3 aspect ratio. 

On the laptop side, we see a prototype with very thin screen bezels. The webcam is integrated just below the top edge. Thus, a device with a more compact and wide field of view has emerged. These prototypes will also be supplied to third-party manufacturers. 

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