Samsung offers Galaxy device experience on iPhones with iTest web app

Samsung offers iPhone users a Galaxy smartphone experience through a web application. The iTest web app offers access to some Galaxy features.

South Korean Android smartphone maker Samsung has released a new website called iTest that allows iPhone users to experience some Samsung Galaxy user interface functions. With the web-based application published on the website, iPhone users will be able to access some features of Samsung Galaxy phones.

Samsung Galaxy experience on iPhone
According to a recent report, Apple is strengthening its place among the companies with the highest brand loyalty with each passing day. Samsung aims to participate in its own organization from existing iPhone owners with the chance to experience a new experience. Tested in New Zealand, this experience seems accessible to iPhone users in all countries.

Users who want to experience Samsung Galaxy on iPhone must first visit the iTest website. After entering the site, users are expected to scan the QR code on their phones. After scanning, they are asked for permission to add a web application to the iPhone’s home screen.

Via the downloaded web application, users will view the simulation of a Galaxy smartphone home screen complete with various application and settings options. Users can open the Galaxy Store, apply Themes, and even access messages and phone apps.

Regarding the new experience Samsung: “You are about to get a taste of Samsung without changing phones. We cannot copy every function, but you should quickly see that there is nothing intimidating to switch to the other side. ” says.

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