Samsung made fun of iPhone 12 Pro Max’s camera with its ads

South Korean technology giant Samsung compared the device with the iPhone 12 Pro Max in the commercials that showed the camera capabilities of the Galaxy S21 Ultra. 

It’s no secret that large tech companies often make fun of each other by posting videos comparing their own and rival companies’ devices. Two new Samsung videos released put the iPhone 12 Pro Max in a very bad situation against the Galaxy S21 Ultra .

Galaxy S21 Ultra vs iPhone 12 Pro Max

The Korean company compared the zoom capabilities of the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G and iPhone 12 Pro Max in the first video . As you’d expect in a video like this, the Apple smartphone was able to give a not so clear circle image instead of the Moon, even at maximum magnification . However, Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra has taken a very clear picture of our satellite, where you can even see large craters . At the same time , the Korean company could not stop trolling the company, so to speak, by writing ” Is it close enough? ” On the photo taken by the iPhone .

In the second video, Samsung gradually demonstrated its macro capabilities from the other side , and according to the video, the winner was again the Galaxy S21 Ultra. The photo taken with this device had higher details and more noticeable colors. The Korean company again taunted Apple and wrote the phrase ” Is it detailed enough? ” On the blurry photo of the iPhone 12 Pro Max .

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