Samsung is working on a foldable tablet model

Samsung, one of the South Korean technology giants, has patented the foldable tablet. The company is expected to launch this product, which is said to be under development, in the coming period.

Samsung has patented the tablet model with a foldable screen. It is highly likely that this tablet model, visualized by Letsgodigital, will go on sale in the upcoming period.

According to analysts, the active expansion of the foldable smartphone lineup indicates that the launch of a Samsung tablet with a similar display is only a matter of time. The emergence of a new patent, dated February 16, 2021, issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office, reveals Samsung’s vision for a new device segment.

Samsung hasn’t made an official statement yet

One of the characteristic features of the tablet is a significant increase in the thickness of the case in the folding area and a reduction towards the upper and lower edges. It is also noteworthy that there is no notch or hole for the front camera on the screen. Given that the thickest part of the case is in the hinge area, the manufacturer has placed stereo speakers, a charging port and a power button here.

Note that the device is only a concept and a patent for now. Technology giant Samsung has not yet made an official statement about flexible screen tablet plans.

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