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Samsung introduced its new monitor: Odyssey Neo G9 offers gamers Quantum Mini Led technology

Samsung continues to invest in gaming equipment. The company’s new model Odyssey Neo G9 offers users Quantum Mini Led technology with Dual-QHD resolution.

Although display technologies have developed a lot in recent years, we see that MiniLED or OLED panels are used less in PC monitors. Continuing to invest in gaming equipment, Samsung announced the new gaming monitor Odyssey Neo G9, which offers Quantum Mini LED technology.

Coming with Quantum Mini Led

The Quantum Mini Led technology used by Samsung allows ultra-fine light control in 1/40 size compared to traditional LEDs, while it has great capabilities in high brightness, high contrast value, and HDR.

Samsung’s new monitor offers users Dual-QHD (5,120 x 1,440) pixel resolution with 32:9 Ultra wide-angle. It is thought that the new monitor, whose technical specifications have not been disclosed, will come with at least a 120 Hz screen and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, Nvidia G-Sync compatibility with Samsung’s new monitor. It will also include features such as HDR10+, DisplayHDR 600.

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